An Update on this Campaign – January 7, 2013

In June 2012, the Occupy Student Debt Campaign was one of the founder members of Strike Debt (www.strikedebt.org). In the spirit of coalition, and in recognition of the principle that most household debts are interconnected, Strike Debt focuses on medical, housing, education, and credit card debt. Our continuing work, as part of Strike Debt, is aimed at building a debt resistance and liberation movement.

We stand by the founding beliefs and principles of the Occupy Student Debt Campaign. They are widely shared and we believe they are crucial to any effort to end debt-financed education. The campaign component that involved a pledge of refusal has been inactive for some time–for a variety of reasons, the volume of signatories never reached critical mass, and nowhere near the target of one million. Nonetheless, those who signed the pledge early on took the first step in a process that we hope will build, ultimately, into a debtors’ movement. In the course of the year after it was launched, almost one million student debtors defaulted, privately.

We urge all those who took an interest in our campaign to participate in the Strike Debt initiatives.

You Are Not A Loan

Click here to read our statement on student debt reform initiatives.