Student Debt In The News

“Colleges Withhold Transcripts from Grads in Loan Default,” The Nation, March 30, 2012, by Dave Lindorff

“Student Debt Collectors are Incentivized to Violate Federal-Aid Laws, Bloomberg Reports,” The New York Times, March 27, 2012, by Tanya Caldwell

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“Academic Freedom and Indentured Students,” Academe Online, Jan-Feb 2012, by Jeffrey R. Williams

“We Have Been Sacrificed As Payment to Those Swindling Moneylenders,”, January 15, 2012, by Carol M. Hunt

“NYU Students: Debt and Debtor,” Village Voice, November 9, 2011, by Nick Pinto

“Student Debt Looms Large for a Generation,” Chicago Tribune, October 30, 2011, by Jodi S. Cohen and Vikki Ortiz Healy

“Bad Education,” N Plus 1, April 25, 2011, by Malcolm Harris

Alternet, “Is the Near-Trillion Dollar Student Loan Bubble About to Pop?,” September 21, 2011, by Sarah Jaffe

The New York Times, “Many With New College Degree Find the Job Market Humbling,” May 18, 2011, by Catherine Rampell

“The 2008 Student Loan Blues,” The Nation, August 19, 2008, by Nicholas von Hoffman

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Alternet, “Meet the Five Big Lenders Profiting From the $1 Trillion Student Debt Bubble (Hint: You Know Some of Them Already),” Nov 28, 2011, by Sarah Jaffe